SNOWCRASH – A polyglot payload generator



SNOWCRASH creates a script that may be launched on each Linux and Home windows machines. Payload chosen by the person (on this case mixed Bash and Powershell code) is embedded right into a single polyglot template, which is platform-agnostic.

There are few payloads out there, together with command execution, reverse shell institution, binary execution and a few extra :>

Basic usage

  1. Install dependencies: ./
  2. List available payloads: ./snowcrash --list
  3. Generate chosen payload: ./snowcrash --payload memexec --out polyglot_script
  4. Change extension of the polyglot script: mv polyglot_script polyglot_script.ps1
  5. Execute polyglot script on the target machine

Additional notes

Delay before script run and payload execution can be specified as an interval (using --sleep flag) in the form:



x = Amount of interval to spend in idle state
s = Seconds
m = Sinutes
h = Hours

After generation, the extension of generated script containing the payload can be set either to .sh or .ps1 (depending on the platform we want to target).

Generated payload can be written directly to STDOUT (instead of writing to a file) using --stdout flag.


snowcrash demo
snowcrash demo2


This software is under MIT License

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