Dozens of Susceptible NuGet Packages Permit Attackers to Goal .NET Platform

nuget hacking

An evaluation of off-the-shelf packages hosted on the NuGet repository has revealed 51 distinctive software program parts to be susceptible to actively exploited, high-severity vulnerabilities, as soon as once more underscoring the menace posed by third-party dependencies to the software program growth course of.

In mild of the rising variety of cyber incidents that focus on the software program provide chain, there’s an pressing must assess such third-party modules for any safety dangers and reduce the assault floor, ReversingLabs researcher Karlo Zanki stated in a report shared with The Hacker Information.

NuGet is a Microsoft-supported mechanism for the .NET platform and features as a bundle supervisor designed to allow builders to share reusable code. The framework maintains a central repository of over 264,000 distinctive packages which have collectively produced greater than 109 billion bundle downloads.

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“All recognized precompiled software program parts in our analysis have been completely different variations of 7Zip, WinSCP and PuTTYgen, applications that present advanced compression and community performance,” Zanki explained. “They’re constantly up to date to enhance their performance and to handle identified safety vulnerabilities. Nonetheless, generally it occurs that different software program packages get up to date however nonetheless maintain utilizing a number of years outdated dependencies containing identified vulnerabilities.”

nuget hacking

In a single occasion, it was discovered that “WinSCPHelper” — a distant server file administration library and which has been downloaded greater than 35,000 occasions — use an outdated and susceptible WinSCP model 5.11.2, whereas WinSCP version 5.17.10 launched earlier this January addresses a crucial arbitrary execution flaw (CVE-2021-3331), thus exposing customers of the bundle to the vulnerability.

nuget hacking

Moreover, the researchers established that greater than 50,000 software program parts extracted from NuGet packages have been statically linked to a susceptible model of “zlib” knowledge compression library, rendering them susceptible to a lot of identified safety points akin to CVE-2016-9840, CVE-2016-9841, CVE-2016-9842, and CVE-2016-9843.

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A number of the packages that have been noticed to have a zlib vulnerability are “DicomObjects” and “librdkafka.redist“, every of which have been downloaded at least 50,000 and 18.2 million occasions. A matter of extra concern is that “librdkafka.redist” is listed as a dependency for a number of different standard packages, counting Confluent’s .NET Consumer for Apache Kafka (Confluent.Kafka), which, in flip, has been downloaded greater than 17.6 million occasions up to now.

“Corporations creating software program options must change into extra conscious of such dangers, and must change into extra concerned of their dealing with,” Zanki stated. “Each the inputs and ultimate outputs of the software program growth course of have to be checked for tampering and code high quality points. “Clear software program growth is likely one of the keystones wanted to allow early detection and prevention of software program supply-chain assaults.”

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